MatterhornI’ve taught science for over twenty years to my own four children and to children of fellow homeschoolers. In fact, I’m still teaching science in live weekly classes for homeschoolers in my area and biology, chemistry, physics, and intro to chem/phys online (see my College Prep Science Courses). And now that I’ve graduated from teaching my own kids, I’ve taken to writing student science notebooks for Apologia and other science stuff. I love seeing God’s signature in the wonders of the world around me and sharing that with others.

I love to travel. Seeing some of the natural wonders of the world is definitely on my bucket list. I enjoy sharing life with my husband, Jerry, and my four kids and their spouses.

I hope you’ll find encouragement and help for teaching science to your children through the resources and articles on my site. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hoping we can share the journey because I’m not quite ready to get off the ride,