Intro to Chemistry & Physics Info

This course covers one semester of high school prep chemistry and one semester of high school prep physics. This course is great for 8th  or 9th grade students preparing for high school sciences.  PS Modules

Each week students will find all of the assignments listed on the class website (see right).

When a student clicks on the weekly assignment link, like “Week #12 – Lecture and homework,” a new page will open.  On that page the student will find a short recorded lecture that will give an overview of the text material and will draw attention to important concepts to be covered during the reading that week and a daily breakdown of the reading and homework question assignments (example below).

PS Lecture Video and hw scheduleYou can watch this video by clicking on:

Also, additional material on the website—including videos and interactive links—allow students to further investigate the concepts covered (example below).

PS add infoHomework consists of 4 to 7 multiple choice, true or false, matching, and short answer essay questions to cover concepts as well as math practice problems.  There will be unit exams and three labs each semester. The labs will use easy to acquire materials and will be hands on in nature. Graphing and data analysis/interpretation will be taught in preparation for high school lab work. Several webquest mini-labs using interactive sites help students visualize lab procedures (example below).

Bio-PS web labLive discussions will be held as needed (usually weekly) to review material, work through problems, consider current event case studies, or allow for student presentations. Two projects give students the opportunity to make models and give presentations to the group. WebEx will be used for these live group discussions (see a 7 minute example by clicking on:

First semester topics:

  • Science Skills
  • Properties of Matter
  • States of Matter
  • Atomic Structure
  • The Periodic Table
  • Chemical Bonds
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Solutions, Acids, and Bases
  • Carbon Chemistry
  • Nuclear Chemistry
Second semester topics:

  • Motion
  • Forces
  • Fluids
  • Work, Power, Machines
  • Energy
  • Thermal Energy and Heat
  • Mechanical Waves and Sound
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light
  • Optics
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism

I am also available to students via email, Skype, Canvas “office hours,” or by phone if additional help is ever needed. Science is my passion, and it’s my goal to see that all of my students enjoy science as they learn.

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